IEUN means "connected" in Korean.

IEUN will make the listener's heart flutter, uplifted and softened.

Enjoy the tracks sung in both English and Korean in folk, waltz, acapella, country and many other bright genres integrated into "IEUN" for your maximized sync.


christmas girl and piano

Bright carol track remaining childhood with female vocal

and choruses and piano.


healing piano

A relaxing, well known piano sound with beautiful melody.


singing kids

Lovely, bright, cute childlike sounds with light rhythm.


strum on a guitar

a bright, hopeful guitar tune in Depapepe style.


cat & dog

A cute and unique sound.


recipe for picnic

Playful and happy;

an acoustic album of catchy summer sunshine featuring ukulele,

whistling and fun rhythms


sing together vol. 2

Modern folk song of female vocals,

a song that feels good and lively and pleasant.

soft reggae with humming and female vocal.


sing together vol. 1

Dixieland swing track with humming and female vocal.

Warm and bright Piano, Joyful melody, Easy Listening, Kidful.